College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Emeritus faculty

Sandra Christenson Sandra Christenson

Sandra Christenson is a professor emeritus in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

Sandra Christenson

Ernest Davenport Ernest Davenport

Professor Emeritus Ernest Davenport decided to pursue his doctorate to study both learning and measurement as a way to better understand individual differences on standardized test scores.

Ernest Davenport

Mark Davison Mark Davison

  • Professor Emeritus; American Guidance Service, Inc./John P. Yackel Professorship in Educational Assessment and Measurement

Mark Davison is a professor emeritus in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

Mark Davison

Robert delMas Robert delMas

  • Professor Emeritus; quantitative methods in education; CEHD Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Robert (Bob) delMas retired in May 2022 after over 30 years of significant contributions to the field of statistics education; the University of Minnesota; and countless students of statistics (some he will never meet).

Robert delMas

Stanley Deno Stanley Deno

  • In memoriam

Deno began his career at the University of Delaware, researching the impact of instructional objectives on students' learning. But colleagues there–aware of the reputation of his mother, Dr.

Stanley Deno

Joan Garfield Joan Garfield

  • Professor Emeritus, CEHD Distinguished Teaching Award

Joan Garfield has combined her teaching and research interests into one focus: exploring how to improve student learning of statistics.

Joan Garfield

Michael Harwell Michael Harwell

Michael Harwell's research interests are defined by three lines of work. One focuses on developing meta-analytic effect sizes and tests that extract information from a pool of studies beyond traditional measures like standardized mean differences for…

Michael Harwell

Thomas Hummel Thomas Hummel

Thomas Hummel programs computers and investigates how the choice of a research method affects the conclusions drawn from data.

Thomas Hummel

Susan Hupp Susan Hupp

After serving for six years as an assistant professor in the special education department at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, Susan Hupp came to the University of Minnesota in 1985.

Susan Hupp

David Johnson David Johnson

David Johnson is Co-Director of the Cooperative Learning Center. For the past 40 years, he has served as an organizational consultant to schools and businesses throughout the world. He is a practicing psychotherapist. Johnson held the Emma M.

David Johnson

Frances Lawrenz Frances Lawrenz

Francis Lawrenz's major research focus is science and mathematics program evaluation. Lawrenz's evaluations utilize a variety of techniques to best fit the needs of a given situation and usually involve mixing methods in a variety of ways.

Frances Lawrenz

Geoffrey Maruyama Geoffrey Maruyama

First in the World Grant website I am a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota.

Geoffrey Maruyama

Scott McConnell Scott McConnell

Through research, Scott McConnell and his colleagues have developed Individual Growth and Development Indicators, tools that allow teachers to efficiently monitor young children’s language and early literacy development.

Scott McConnell

Anthony Pellegrini Anthony Pellegrini

Anthony Pellegrini's research and teaching are generally concerned with children’s development and include specific interests in children’s play, children's sex segregation, social dominance, and aggression.

Anthony Pellegrini

John Romano John Romano

John Romano's research and writing has had a particularly strong focus on the science and practice of preventive interventions to reduce psychological distress and problems of living.

John Romano

Susan Rose Susan Rose

Sue Rose's research has focused on information access for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, with an emphasis on language development, reading, and modality of coding language input.

Susan Rose

S. Jay Samuels S. Jay Samuels

  • In memoriam

In 1953 S. Samuels graduated from Queens College in New York City with a degree in elementary education and taught for more than ten years in New York and California. During that time, I taught all grades except first grade.

S Samuels

Thomas Skovholt Thomas Skovholt

Morse-Alumni Distinguisher Teaching Professor University of Minnesota and Associate Member Faculty in Professional Relations University of Stavanger Norway Part-Time Psychology Practitioner Maplewood Psychology Licensed Psychologist and Board…

Thomas Skovholt

Robert Tennyson Robert Tennyson

Robert Tennyson is a professor emeritus of educational psychology and technology in learning and cognition. Tennyson's published works range from basic theoretical articles on human learning to applied books on instructional design and technology.

Robert Tennyson

Patricia Veach Patricia Veach

Patricia Veach's research focuses on training and supervision of human service professionals, in particular mental health counselors and genetic counselors; process variables in helping relationships (e.g.

Patricia Veach

Kay Wahl Kay Wahl

  • In memoriam

The emphasis of Kay Herting Wahl's professional career was on public education: as a teacher, school counselor, and associate professor. As a K-12 school counselor, she became interested in higher education training programs for school counselors.

Kay Wahl

James Ysseldyke James Ysseldyke

Jim Ysseldyke is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology. Ysseldyke educated School Psychologists and researchers for more than 43 years. He advised and mentored more than 100 doctoral and Ed.S.

James Ysseldyke

Steve Yussen Steve Yussen

Steve Yussen's interests are broadly in cognitive development, instructional psychology—particularly reading, and the intersection of schooling and children’s development.

Steve Yussen