College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Undergraduate minors and certificates

With our undergraduate minors and certificates in educational psychology and special education, you'll gain experience conducting research or applying psychology in educational and community settings, 


    Applied psychology in educational and community settings (APECS) minor

    Increase your knowledge, skill level, and experience working with children and youth in a variety of settings. You'll become familiar with the field of educational psychology, acquire knowledge and skills conducting research and/or serving in educational and community contexts. And you'll apply your knowledge and skills through a hands-on practicum experience.


    This minor is a good choice for students who wish to pursue future graduate education in educational psychology, social work, counseling, college student personnel, youth development, teaching, or other related fields.

    Educational psychology research minor

    Study the psychological processes critical to education. Put your research to work— in local schools and with members of diverse communities—to help our neighbors succeed at school and work.


    • Faculty (after completing a PhD) training the next generation of researchers and scientist-practitioners in: psychological foundations of education, quantitative methods in education, school psychology, special education, and related fields
    • Research scientists at: universities and other educational settings, companies, government agencies, human and social service organizations, health care organizations, and research and development centers

    Educational psychology research minor

    Increase your knowledge, skill level, and experience in working with children with special needs in educational settings. As you become more familiar with the field of special education, this minor offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge in teaching methods for children with mild to moderate academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs in order to increase their academic potential.


    This minor is a good choice for preservice Elementary and DirecTrack teacher candidates, Developmental and Child Psychology majors as well as others who wish to learn more about methods to help children with special needs be more successful in classroom settings.


    Online autism spectrum disorder certificate

    Help young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. As a student in the ASD certificate program, you’ll receive specialized training in assessment, intervention, and treatment evaluation. You’ll leave the program equipped with the most effective instructional and behavioral methods for working with individuals with ASD from infancy to age 21.