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Your generous support of the Department of Educational Psychology is more critical than ever, helping us retain the very best scholars and students. Gifts for undergraduate scholarships help attract and retain promising students while easing the burden of rising tuition. Support for graduate fellowships enables the Department to compete nationally and internationally for top graduate students, enhancing our research.

About the Department

The Department of Educational Psychology continues to rank as one of the top educational psychology departments in the world. It is one of the most productive departments in terms of research productivity, the number and quality of graduate students, and the level of external contract and grant support awarded. Advancing the traditions of innovative basic and applied scholarship allows us to recruit the best young faculty and graduate students in the field, broadening the scope of our research while enriching both undergraduate and graduate education

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Your tax-deductible support for the Department of Educational Psychology helps us attract and retain the very best scholars and students even as state funding declines. It gives our faculty resources for enlarging knowledge and understanding in school psychology, special education, evaluation and measurement, and counseling psychology.

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