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Nana Kim Nana Kim

My research interests primarily lie in the development and application of statistical models, such as item response theory (IRT) models, with the goal of better understanding how students/respondents interact with test items and consequently…

Nana Kim

Nidhi Kohli Nidhi Kohli

  • Royal and Virginia Anderson Professor of Quantitative Methods in Education; Program Coordinator
  • 612-624-9001

I joined the Department of Educational Psychology in 2012, after doing a postdoctoral research fellowship at Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute working with massive Electronic Health Record (EHR) data.

Nidhi Kohli

Chelsey Legacy Chelsey Legacy

My research interests are in teaching and learning statistics. In particular, I study multivariate thinking, visualization, and computing in statistics and data science courses.

Chelsey Legacy

Haoran Li Haoran Li

My research interests lie in the development, evaluation, and application of statistical methods to deal with clustered and longitudinal data in education, psychology, and behavioral science.

Haoran Li

Suzanne Loch Suzanne Loch

Working with students one-on-one to help them grasp concepts or move past fears generated by the mathematical content of a statistics course is highly rewarding for me.

Suzanne Loch

Michael Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez

  • CEHD Dean; Campbell Leadership Chair in Education and Human Development; and professor
  • 612-624-5761

I focus much of my research on understanding the psychometric properties of tests. This work has included research on the effects of item formats and the use of constructed-response versus multiple-choice items.

Michael C. Rodriguez headshot

Andrew Zieffler Andrew Zieffler

Educational Psychology Research Colloquium - Andrew Zieffler - February 17, 2022 My research interests are in the teaching and learning of statistics and data science.

Andrew Zieffler