College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

American Sign Language instructors

Shirley Applebee Shirley Applebee

Shirley Applebee has taught American Sign Language classes at University of Minnesota since the ASL Program’s inception in 1990.

Shirley Applebee

Leah Dolezal Leah Dolezal

Leah Dolezal was born Deaf and grew up mainstreamed. She learned American Sign Language and English at the same time.

Leah Dolezal

Bradley Hardin Bradley Hardin

Hello, my name is Brad Hardin. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I attended Deaf School in Greensboro and later transferred to a mainstream setting. After graduating from high school, I attended Lenoir-Rhyne College and graduated with a B.A.

Bradley Hardin

Nishani McCluskey Nishani McCluskey

Nishani Shamila McCluskey was born Deaf to hearing parents and has two hearing siblings. She grew up in different countries such as: India, Sweden and Sri Lanka. She is a single mother and has one Hard-of-Hearing daughter. She received her in M.A.

Nishani McCluskey

Bradley Neubarth Bradley Neubarth

Bradley E. Neubarth is a native ASL signer from Minnesota. He was raised in a farming community in a hearing family. Brad has taught American Sign Language classes at the University of Minnesota since 2004.

Bradley Neubarth

Jonathan Penny Jonathan Penny

Jonathan Penny is the program coordinator and an instructor in the American Sign Language program at the University of Minnesota.

Jonathan Penny

Brittney Stanek Brittney Stanek

Hello! My name is Brittney Stanek. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. After I graduated from the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, I attended RIT where I received my AAS degree in exercise science.

Brittney Stanek