College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Masters and doctoral degrees

Find an educational psychology master's or doctoral degree to fit your interests. Choose from counselor education, psychological foundations of education, quantitative methods in education, school psychology, or special education.

1. Choose a program

Compare our MA and PhD program tracks below to find the program and degree that best aligns with your career interests and goals.

    Counselor education

    Degree: MA

    Time to completion: 2-year, full-time program

    Help others grow academically and professionally. Licensed school counselors and college counselors help individual students develop academically, personally/socially, and in their careers. Licensed mental health professionals work in community settings.


    • K-12 licensed school counselor (LSC)
    • College counselor
    • Mental health professional (LPC or LPCC) in a community setting

    Psychological foundations of education

    Degrees: MA, PhD

    Study the psychological processes critical to education. Put your research to work—in local schools and with members of diverse communities—to help our neighbors succeed at school and work.


    • Faculty in a university (PhD only)
    • Research scientists in universities and other educational settings (e.g., K-12 school research offices), government agencies, human and social service organizations, healthcare organizations, research and development centers, and private industry

    Quantitative methods in education

    Degrees: MA, PhD

    Discover solutions to issues in educational research, assessment, and program evaluation through measurement, evaluation, and statistics. Help students succeed by informing educational policy, practice, and curriculum.


    • Faculty and researchers at universities (PhD only)
    • Researchers at a test publishing firm, research and evaluation centers, public school systems, state departments of instruction, and private industry

    School psychology

    Degrees: MA with specialist certificate, PhD

    Learn school psychology from a scientific-practitioner orientation and prepare to become a leader, innovator, and change agent. Work with teachers, caregivers, and staff to help students thrive and support social justice by dismantling ineffective, harmful systems.


    • School psychologist working with teachers, caregivers and staff to support students
    • Faculty in a university (PhD only)
    • Researchers (PhD only)
    • Licensed psychologist working with children and youth in outside of education (PhD only)

    Special education

    Degrees: MA, MA with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis (ABA), PhD

    Prepare to be an innovative researcher and engage in leadership that shapes the field of special education.


    • Faculty and researchers at universities (PhD only)
    • Researchers
    • Special education leaders in educational settings

    2. Find a potential advisor

    Once you’ve selected the program you’re interested in, visit the program’s information page to find an advisor whose professional and/or research interests best match your own.

    Note: Generally, only faculty with the title “Professor” (assistant, associate, or full) may advise PhD students. We recommend reaching out to faculty via email before applying, to see if they are accepting students for the upcoming year and to get more information on their work to ensure research fit.