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Department of Educational Psychology

Psychological foundations of education faculty

Laura Allen Laura Allen

  • Bonnie Westby Huebner Endowed Chair in Education and Technology
  • she, her, hers

My research seeks to understand how individuals most effectively learn and communicate information through text and discourse.

Laura Allen

William Bart William Bart

My years in the graduate program in measurement, evaluation, and statistical analysis at the University of Chicago allowed me to study with scholars such as Benjamin S. Bloom, R. Darrell Bock, and Benjamin Wright.

William Bart

David DeLiema David DeLiema

Personal website: My research emphasis is on how students and teachers collaboratively navigate moments of failure when learning computer science, mathematics, and science.

David DeLiema

HyeJin Hwang HyeJin Hwang

HyeJin Hwang's research interests revolve around reading comprehension and content learning (science, social studies) in K-12 settings, especially for multilingual students. Hwang, H. (September 8, 2021).

Hyejin Hwang

Panayiota (Pani) Kendeou Panayiota (Pani) Kendeou

  • Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Guy Bond Chair in Reading
  • she, her, hers
  • 612-626-7814

Director of the Reading + Learning Lab Co-director of the Learning Informatics Lab Note to prospective students: I am currently accepting new PhD advisees.

Panayiota (Pani) Kendeou

Caitlin Mills Caitlin Mills

I joined the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota in 2022, after spending four years in the Psychology Department at the University of New Hampshire.

Caitlin Mills

Martin Van Boekel Martin Van Boekel

My role as an instructor My primary role here is the teaching and mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students. I’m here because I truly believe that education is important.

Martin Van Boekel

Keisha Varma Keisha Varma

  • Associate professor and Office of Equity and Diversity associate vice provost, psychological foundations of education program coordinator
  • 612-626-8991

My work on scientific reasoning and science learning is classroom-based research that explores ways to enhance middle school students' science learning by supporting their scientific reasoning skills.

Keisha Varma