College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Counselor education faculty

Carolyn Berger Carolyn Berger

My research interests center around the theme of helping children and adolescents maximize their achievement and well-being. I am passionate about advocating for underserved children in school settings.

Carolyn Berger

Seth Christman Seth Christman

Life has taken me many places, from my youth on a North Dakota cattle ranch, to community-engaged education in East Baltimore, to doctoral studies near the beaches of Miami.

Seth Christman

Marguerite Ohrtman Marguerite Ohrtman

  • Counselor education program coordinator, director of school counseling, director of MA clinical training, teaching associate professor
  • 612-624-4577

My research interests are primarily around the role of the school counselor and the impact school counselors can have on students' emotional health, academics, and career planning.

Marguerite Ohrtman

Feven Seifu Feven Seifu

Almost on a daily basis, I wrestle with existential related questions. Questions such as: What makes human life meaningful? What makes a good life? Does death awareness lead to richness of life? Is death a reminder of life’s…

Feven Seifu

Sherri Turner Sherri Turner

Research on how to help young people successfully pursue those careers that are both personally satisfying and critical to the well-being of their communities and society at large cannot be limited to one issue or one factor.

Sherri Turner