College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Feven Seifu

  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

  • Assistant teaching professor

  • Education Psychology
    143 Education Sciences Bldg.
    56 East River Road
    Minneapolis, MN 55455-0364

Feven Seifu

Areas of interest

Values: Open-mindedness, curiosity, humility, genuineness 

Research interests:

  • Existential issues (meaning of life and death in particular)
  • Impacts of death awareness on a person’s life, but more specifically on goals (intrinsic versus extrinsic), values, and sense of connectedness
  • Experiences of near-death survivors

BA, psychology and management
MA, counseling psychology
PhD, counselor education and supervision


Almost on a daily basis, I wrestle with existential related questions. Questions such as: What makes human life meaningful? What makes a good life? Does death awareness lead to richness of life? Is death a reminder of life’s futility/meaninglessness, or a propeller that allows people to live richer and deeper? This quest eventually led me to write my doctoral dissertation on — Understanding Life Through Death: An Interpretive Phenomenological Inquiry of Death Café Attendance.

In reference to my teaching philosophy, I am of the view that growth can only occur to the degree that I am curious and humble enough to rethink and challenge my long-held beliefs and assumptions. I purposefully position myself in situations in which I am able to listen to diverse and opposing viewpoints on a specific topic. Similarly, I strive to create a space for students to do the same.

Research in progress: #narctalk: Analysis of Perceptions of Narcissism Traits and Diagnosis in TikTok Content


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