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Special Education minor

Increase your knowledge, skill level, and experience in working with children with special needs in educational settings. As you become more familiar with the field of special education, this minor offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge in teaching methods for children with mild to moderate academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs in order to increase their academic potential.


    This minor is a good choice for preservice Elementary and DirecTrack teacher candidates, Developmental and Child Psychology majors as well as others who wish to learn more about methods to help children with special needs be more successful in classroom settings.


    The Special Education Minor is a 12 credit program that provides a deeper understanding of special needs populations both inside and outside of teaching. Students will gain an understanding of the foundations of special education through a provision of special education services to children from birth through age 21. The field of special education as it relates to children of diverse backgrounds is infused throughout the coursework. Emphasis includes implementing evidence-based practices by examining students areas of strength and challenges and using data to determine effective academic, functional, and social-emotional treatment plans to ensure that persons with special needs meet their full potential. The Special Education Minor is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in working with children including those interested in elementary and secondary teaching, counseling, family social science, social work, occupational and physical therapy, mental health professionals, and those interested in neuroscience fields among others. Students may not earn a BS in special education with a special education minor.

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    Declaring and completing your minor


    Kathy Seifert

    Director of Undergraduate Studies