College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Ernest Davenport

  • Professor Emeritus

  • Educational Psychology
    250 Education Sciences Bldg.
    56 East River Road
    Minneapolis, MN 55455


Ernest Davenport

Areas of interest

  • Correlates of academic achievement (especially related to mathematics)
  • Mathematical artifacts of statistical procedures

PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1984


Professor Emeritus Ernest Davenport decided to pursue his doctorate to study both learning and measurement as a way to better understand individual differences on standardized test scores. However, with his background in computer science and mathematics (and the availability of financial support for research assistants who could analyze data), Davenport accidentally became a fairly competent data analyst and general methodologist. He also began to enjoy the challenge of finding computerized statistical solutions to research questions. In an attempt to understand the results of these empirical analyses, Davenport began to study mathematical artifacts of statistical procedures, especially those used in measurement. His interest in learning became transformed from a cognitive perspective (investigating how and why people learn) to looking solely at indicators of the success of learning as it relates to academic experiences.


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