College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Lisa N. Aguilar

  • Pronouns: she, her(s), ella

  • Assistant professor

  • Office Hours

    By appointment

Lisa Aguilar Headshot

Areas of interest

  • Indigenous youth, families, and communities
  • Indigenization
  • Decolonization
  • Visiting and storytelling
  • Cultural identity

I am currently accepting doctoral students in the school psychology program. Students with research interests that align with mine are encouraged to apply, including students whose research interests fit broadly under the umbrella of the topics above.


NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychologist)


Dr. Aguilar is an Indigenous (Enrolled member of MHA Nation, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, and Chicanx) woman, relative, and researcher. Her work aims to decolonize educational spaces and Indigenize school psychology by working alongside Indigenous students, families, and communities. Dr. Aguilar is the Co-Chair of the Indigenous American Subcommittee within the National Association of School Psychologists, and Editorial Board member of School Psychology Review and School Psychology International, and a Contributing Editor to the Communiqué, a school psychology practitioner journal.

Awards & recognitions

Invited Early Career Scholar, SPRCC for the Society for the Study of
School Psychology

2022 Article of the Year Honorable Mention for School Psychology Review
(awarded 2023)

  • 2021 School Psychology Review Reviewer of the Year (Awarded 2022)
  • Featured Scholar, TSP Honoring Diverse Leaders in School Psychology Project (Recognized 2021)

Research & funding grants

Division 16 Antiracism Action Grant, “Anti-Colonial School Psychology Learning Collaborative”


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*Soto J. M. (In Press). Surviving and thriving in school psychology through community
building and storytelling: A collaborative autoethnography. School Psychology

Agger, C. A., *Sam, K., & Aguilar, L. N. (2023). Postsecondary aspirations of rural
Indigenous adolescents and how schools support these dreams, goals, and plans: A
literature review and synthesis. Peabody Journal of Education, 98(4), 396-413.

Aguilar, L. N. (2023). Best practices in addressing needs of Indigenous children and
families in schools. In P. L. Harrison, S. L. Proctor, & A. Thomas (Eds.), Best practices
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School Psychologists.

Pham, A. V., Goforth, A. N., Aguilar, L. N., Burt, I., *Bastian, R., & *Diakow, D. (2021). Dismantling systemic inequities in school psychology: Cultural humility as a foundational approach to social justice. School Psychology Review, 1-18.

Aguilar, L. N., Shearin, J., Sam, W., & Mojica, K. (2021). Indigenous youth in schools: Consequences of colonialism and advocating for a better future. Communiqué, 50(1), 1, 26-30.


Aguilar, L.N. (2023, November). Research is relationship: Undoing colonialism in school psychology. Invited speaker: Indigenous Students in Psychology Training (InPsyT) program. Bemidji State University. Bemidji, MN.

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Aguilar, L.N. (2022, November). Tribal critical race theory: Implications for educational policy. Invited speaker: Celebrating Native education: The power of Indigenous Peoples. Sponsored by San Diego State University Native Resource Center and SHPA Native Scholars and Collaborators Project. San Diego, CA.

Aguilar, L.N. (2022, October). Indigenizing and decolonizing school-based practices: Being in right relationship. Invited speaker: Alaska School Psychologists Association Fall 2022 Conference. Anchorage, AK.

Aguilar, L. N. & D’Costa, S. (2022, January). The Land that holds us: Indigenizing mental health spaces. [Difficult Dialogue]. 2022 National Multicultural Conference and Summit (virtual).

Aguilar, L. (2021, September). Blood quantum: So, how much Native are you? Invited speaker: School of Education Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Professional Development Series. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University.