College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Debbie Golos

  • Associate professor, Deaf/Hard of Hearing licensure & MEd coordinator

  • Educational Psychology 
    Room 245 Education Sciences Bldg.
    56 East River Road
    Minneapolis, MN 55455-0364

Debbie Golos

Areas of interest

  • Multilingual Deaf Education 
  • Language acquisition and emergent literacy development ASL, English, and additional languages
  • Interactive educational media 
  • Identity development
  • Mitigating language deprivation
  • Well-being of teachers and students (including self-care practices, mindfulness etc).

PhD in Bilingual Education and Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado-Boulder


Personal Statement:

I recognize the privilege I hold but did not earn through my race, socioeconomic status, hearing level, and education. I am deeply committed to living authentically, engaging in reflection and creating space for others to do so as well in ways that are authentic, inclusive, equitable, and effective while fostering well-being, self-care and self-compassion for oneself and one another.


With a PhD in Bilingual Education and Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado-Boulder, I have worked in Deaf Education for over 30 years; 15 of them training teachers. We have been striving to integrate multilingual practices, and anti-bias and culturally responsive pedagogy throughout our curriculum and mindfulness activities throughout the program. My research and development projects focus on mitigating language deprivation in early childhood and fostering language acquisition, literacy, identity development and well-being for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children honoring the languages (ASL, English, and additional home and heritage languages) and cultures of Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, DeafDisabled people and through the creation and evaluation of educational media and literature for children and adults through teacher preparation materials. I am currently exploring how mindfulness and self-care activities and practices can foster children’s and teachers’ well-being.


Check out our new methods book: 58-IN-MIND Multilingual Teaching Strategies for Diverse Deaf Students

Check out the new Peter's Picture app. It is part of the Peter's Picture Early Language and Literacy Approach (PPELLA): Research Based Interactive Educational Media in ASL targeting Language, Literacy and Deaf Culture for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing children, families and educators. Share feedback/contact us here:

Selected Courses Taught:

EPSY 5644: Early Childhood Language and Literacy Development and Best Practices Birth-5

EPSY 5643: Seminar: Identity, Culture and Diversity in Deaf Education  

EPSY 5654: Current Research and Trends in Deaf Education

EPSY 8602: Seminar: Cultivating Self-Care in Education for Teachers, Researchers and Graduate Students