College of Education and Human Development

Department of Educational Psychology

Application fee waivers

How to request a fee waiver

An application fee waiver is available for students applying to programs in Educational Psychology. See each program's how to apply page for more information on eligibility. Department-paid admission fees are available for eligible applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Follow these steps to request the waiver:

  1. Start your application in Slate and proceed through the application until you get to the final Review page.
  2. Do NOT click Finalize Application and Pay under "If you are satisfied with your application and are ready to submit it, click Finalize Application and Pay"*
  3. Complete the request form
  4. You will be notified promptly whether your request has been approved and you can finalize your application accordingly.

*It is very important that you make the request BEFORE you click "Finalize Application and Pay" on the Review page of your application. If you complete your application and pay the application fee, you forgo the opportunity for this waiver.

Fee waiver timeline

Application fee waivers will be granted from the application cycle start (September), up until two weeks prior to the application deadline. See the How to Apply page for each program for more information on deadlines.

Questions about the fee payment process or form can be sent to:
Lori Boucher, Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) at